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Loft Concert February 25, 2024
Introducing the singers
Kirsten, Dick, Gina, Dhananjay, Emma, Bob, Ezra
Barbara, Mark, Joy, Bruce
Photo by Judy Sterio

Lobby Concert at 25 Parade Place, Brooklyn, Feb 11, 2024
Photo by Liz Quadrino

RSS and friends caroling, December 16, 2023
17th Street..., Lenox Health, 7th Ave at 12th...

...enjoyed by passersby.

Photos by Norman Trabulus

Loft Concert, February 26, 2023
The performers...

...and part of the audience

Singing into the night

Photos by Norman Trabulus

Street Singers and Friends, Caroling, Dec 17, 2022
Rehearsal in John's Loft

In front of Lenox Health Greenwich Village

Actual audience on the sidewalk

Photos by Norman Trabulus

Christopher Street, November 6, 2022

Bob, Nancy, Emma, Dhananjay, Joy, Dick, Kirsten
Jeff, Bruce, Barbara, Mark
Photo by Judy Sterio

Montague Street, October 9, 2022

Joy, Emma, Bob, Kirsten, Dick, Dhananjay
Jeff, Bruce, Mark, Barbara

Christopher Street August 26, 2022

Dick, Ezra, Alan, Bob, Emma
Sig, Joy, Barbara, Mark, Ann

Union Square, August 21, 2022

Photo by Dhananjay

Central Park by West 67th, May 15, 2022

Emma, Dick, Dhananjay
Joy, Sig, Jeff
Photo by Judy Sterio

RSS & Friends Caroling, December 18, 2021

Photos by Ron Z

Central Park Model Boat Pond, October 31, 2021

Drawing by Kate Kleber

Central Park near West 67th, August 1, 2021

John, Bill, (Sarah hidden), Nancy, Kirsten,
Barbara, Mark, Bruce, Ann.
Photo by Petra Schwiertz

Christopher Street, July 25, 2021

Mark, Kirsten, Barbara, John, Joy, Bill, Sarah, Ann
From a video

Christopher Street, for Make Music NY, June 21, 2021

Kirsten, Dick, Mark, Cricket, Bill, Anna, Sherwin, Jen, Stephen, Alan, Nancy
Joy, Ann, Sigmund, Barbara, Jeff, Dorrie
Photo by Ron Z.

Madison Square Park, May 23, 2021

Barbara, (Kirsten), Sig, Mark, Sarah, Joy
Photo by Judy Sterio

Washington Square Park, May 16, 2021

Photo by Nancy Mandel

Spaced Out in Central Park, September 20, 2020

Photo by Judy Sterio

Social Distance Rehearsal in Commerce Street, July 26, 2020

Loft Concert, February 23, 2020

Photos by Zeev Zamir

Concert in Barbara's lobby, Feb 9, 2020

Joy, Dhananjay, Gina, Ezra, Barbara, Bruce, Nancy, Dick
Jeff, Sig, David
Photo by Michelle Vo

Caroling 17th St; Lenox Health; Sheridan Sq. Dec 21, 2019

Photos by Norman Trabulus

MetLife Building Lobby, Dec 10, 2019
Photo by Nina B. de Fels
the Bernard Kaplan Memorial Music Program
Ezra, Art, Joy, Richard, Gina, Dhananjay, Kirsten, Dick, Nancy
Ann, Jeff, Barbara
John's arm

Fort Tryon Park, Sepember 22, 2019
Photo by Veda Bell

Christopher Street, for Make Music New York, June 21, 2019
Photo by R. Z.

Montague Street, Brooklyn, May 19, 2019
Photo by Laura Ghezzi

Grand Central Terminal, April 28, 2019
Joy, Barbara, Dhananjay, Nancy, Ezra, Bill, Gina, Dick, Kirsten
David, Sig, Ann
Photo by Léonard Roussel

Fort Tryon Park, April 14, 2019
Dick's leg, Bill, Ezra, Joy, Bruce on the bench, Sig, Barbara, Dhananjay, Gina
David, Ann
John's arm
Photo by Dorrie Rosen

Christopher Street, March 24, 2019

Loft Concert, March 3, 2019
Photo by Norman Trabulus

Loft Concert, February 24, 2019

Barbara's Lobby, February 10, 2019
Photo by Michelle Vo

Bernard Kaplan Memorial Music Program, MetLife Bldg, Dec 4, 2018
Photos by Nina B. de Fels

Earl Hall, Columbia University, November 18, 2018
Still from video by Sigmund Rosen

Bennett Park, June 24, 2018

Dick, Sherwin, Barbara, Bill, Janet, Sig, Richard, Gina, Nancy, Claude
Bruce, David
Photo by Sharon Moir

Astor Place Plaza, June 3, 2018

Photos by a friend

High Line, May 6, 2018
Sherwin, Richard, Joy, Dick, Barbara, Bill, Ezra, Gina, David E
Andras, Sig, Bruce, Ann
Photo by Wolfgang Staehle

Loft Concert, February 25, 2018
Photo by Norman Trabulus

Barbara's Lobby, February 4, 2018
Photo by Ira Jay Rosen

Bernard Kaplan Memorial Music Program, MetLife Bldg, Dec 5, 2017
Photos by Nina B. de Fels

Mantague Street, Brooklyn, October 15, 2017
Photo by Melissa Connell

Hudson View Garden Lounge, June 25, 2017
Photo by Sylvia Riabichev

Grand Central Terminal, March 26, 2017
Photo by Ted Sendler

Loft Concert, February 26, 2017
Barbara, Megan, David E, John,
Sherwin, Gina, Art, Damon, Bruce, Nancy,
Evan, Claude, Kate, David K, Andras, Anne,
Jeff, Ellen, Sig, Ezra, Janet, Bill.
Photos and collage by John Lanza

Loft Concert, February 26, 2017
Barbara, Megan, Art, David E, Kate, Damon, Bruce, Nancy,
Sherwin, Gina, Claude, Andras, Anne, David K,
Evan, Ellen, Sig, Ezra, Janet, Bill,
Jeff, John.
Photo by Zeev Zamir

Grand Central Terminal, January 8, 2017

Photos by Peter Wing

RSS & Friends Caroling by Lenox Health Emergency, Dec 17, 2016

Photos by Norman Trabulus

Grand Central Terminal, November 20, 2016
Photo by Luigi

Central Park Sailboat Pond, Sept 25, 2016
Barbara, Kate, Bill, Damon,
Dick, Sherwin, Evan, Megan, Sig, David K, Claude, Janet, Ellen, Joy, Ezra, Nancy,
Photo by John T Gelb

Central Park, August 7, 2016.
© William Meyers, courtesy Anastasia Photo, New York.

Loft Concert, February 21, 2016
Photos by Dorrie Rosen

190th Street subway station, Washington Heights, June 28, 2015
© William Meyers, courtesy Anastasia Photo, New York.

Christopher Street, for Make Music New York, June 21, 2015
Yes, there's an audience
Photo by John Sidtis

Loft Concert, March 1, 2015
Yes, there's an audience
Photo by Norman Trabulus

Loft Concert, February 22, 2015
Members present for first Loft Concert
Gina, Joy, Emily, Dick, Sherwin,
Andras, Barbara, Nancy, Dan, Virginia,
Ellen, Janet, Holly, Sigmund, Kate,
John, Bill.
Photos and collage by John W. Lanza


Catholic Worker Maryhouse, January 25, 2015
A concert by invitation
Photo by Elizabeth Ruf Maldonado


High Line at 30th Street, October 5, 2014
A new spot for us
Photo by Art Bryan Manabat


Central Park near West 93rd, August 10, 2014
Comfortable seating for the audient
Dick, Rafael, Sherwin, Andras, Art, Barbara, Bill, Gina, Joy, Janet, Kate.
Photo by Jordan Wouk


The High Line, August 3, 2014
We had a double-digit audience!
Nancy, Dick, Gina, Sig, Sherwin, Barbara, Janet (hidden), Ellen, Emily, Ann, Joy, Kate (hidden), Rafael
Photo by David Randall


Montague Street, Brooklyn, July 13, 2014
A new place for us
Photo by Jeanie Wing


Bruce’s Garden in Isham Park, Inwood, June 22, 2014
The audience were mostly behind us
Photo by Steven L. Cantor


Christopher Street, for MakeMusic N.Y., June 21, 2014
Celebrating the Summer solstice


Irish Hunger Memorial, June 1, 2014
A new place for us
Dick, Sig, David, Drew, Dan, Barbara, Virginia, Ellen, Emily, Gina, Bill, Ann, Kate, Anne.
Photo by Denis Carpenter


Christopher Street, May 4, 2014
A favorite spot, though we hadn't counted on sun in our eyes
Photo by Bonnie Resnick


New Museum, April 6, 2014
With the exhibition &ldquoPawel Althamer: The Neighbors”
With the exhibition &ldquoPawel Althamer: The Neighbors”
Photos by Theodore Rosen

RSS and Friends in Sheridan Square, December 21, 2013
Annual caroling on a warm eveming
Photo by Norman Trabulus


Intercontinental NY Barclay Hotel, December 19, 2013
As part of Holiday Choral Festival
Photo by Barbara Bahny


Sheridan Square, September 11, 2013
In memory of 9/11 victims and all victims
Photo by Marie Reist


The 6th & B Garden, August 18, 2013
A performance by invitation
Photo by Dorrie Rosen


For Make Music New York, June 21, 2013
Near the beginning...
Richard, Ron, Dick, Sig, Drew, Sherwin, Brian, Dan, Barbara, Virginia, Gina, Diana, Roopina, Joy, Anne, Lisa, Nancy.
...toward the end.
Photos by John Sidtis


Loft Concert, February 24, 2013
RSS members present at the first Loft Concert of 2013
Richard, Andras, Bill, Virginia, Barbara, Kate,
Dick, David, John, Joy, Gina,
Sig, Bruce, Yaffa, Anne,
Drew, Sherwin, Dan, Ann, Janet, Nancy.
Photos and collage by John W. Lanza


Kehila Kedosha Janina, January 13, 2013
Rossi concert at the Romaniote synagogue
Photo by Norman Trabulus


Christopher Street, October 21, 2012
Angels in disguise? Gina has a halo...
Photo by


High Line, July 29, 2012
Photo by Norman Trabulus


Central Park by West 93rd, April 15, 2012
Andras, Bruce, Drew, Dan, Bill, Virginia, Barbara, Gina, Ann, Janet, Joy.
Photo by a passerby with Gina’s camera


Loft Concert February 26, 2012

Richard, David, Drew, Virginia, Barbara, Gina, Holly, Kate,
Bill, Sarah, Katie, Joy,
Sig, Andras, Dan, Brittany, Janet, Nancy,
Photo by Hsin Wang


Caroling, December 17, 2011
Photos by Norman Trabulus


Fort Tryon Park, October 2, 2011
Photo by Ariel Winterbreucke


MUNY Concert in Richard Tucker Park, August 10, 2011
Photo by Daniel Hane


March 20, 2011

David, Andras, Bill, Virginia, Holly, Gina,
Drew, Richard, Sig, Barbara, Martha, Kate,
Bruce, Dan, Janet, Joy, Ada, Nancy,
Photos and collage by John W. Lanza


416 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, February 27, 2011
A lobby concert in Carlos's building
Photo by David


25 Parade Place, Brooklyn, January 23, 2011
A lobby concert in Barbara's building
Richard, Sig, David, Andras, Dan, Barbara, Holly, Gina, Joy, Jennifer, Nancy.
Photo by Carlos Torres


Party after caroling, December 18, 2010
We ARE having fun, believe it or not.
Singing Mundy’s “Beati immaculati in via”
Photos by Edil Cruz


Fort Tryon Park, October 3, 2010
One of our favorite spots, the big stone steps
David, Richard, Sig, Andras, Drew, Bruce, Virginia, Barbara, Ann, Holly, Joy, Ada, Kate, Nancy.
Photo by Edil Cruz


East 10th Street, September 26, 2010
In front of St. Mark's Church In-the-Bowery
Photo by Ellen Davidson


Loft Concert, March 21, 2010
Photo by Barbara Dee


Loft Concert, March 21, 2010
Photo by Ellen Bate


Loft Concert Intermission, March 14, 2010
Photo by John Sidtis


Christmas Party, December 19, 2009
Singing Renaissance favorites after caroling in Chelsea Market and eating wondrous potluck. The singing continued past 2:30 a.m.
Photo by Brian Brewer


Caroling in Chelsea Market, December 19, 2009
Renaissance Street Singers and friends at the annual event
Photo by Norman Trabulus


Caroling in front of John's building, December 19, 2009
We tried to sing in the snow, but it was kind of wet
Photo by Norman Trabulus


Some RSS and friends for Make Music New York, Christopher Street, June 21, 2009
Annual rite of spring equinox
Photo by Rick Hibberd


Fort Tryon park, April 5, 2009
Next to the big stone steps
Photo by Fred Goddard


Loft Concert, 2009
Annual concert at John's home
Photo by John Sidtis


Loft Concert, February 22, 2009
The Loft was filled to capacity
Photo by Pat Hughes


Grand Central Terminal, November 16, 2008
At the Graybar entrance, for Music Under New York
Photo by William Montalvan


West Side Community Garden, October 19, 2008
West Side Community Garden
Ann, Richard, Virginia, Joy (hidden), Alan, Bill, Cynthia, Holly, Nancy, Lisa, Brian, Evie, David, Barbara, Gina
Photo by Sharon Kinmelman


After the Loft Concert, February 24, 2008
Some Street Singers, not all, on the concert risers


Sheridan Square, December 15, 2007
The crowd hearing carols
Photo by John Sidtis


Chelsea Market, November 18, 2007
Security guards never bother us here
Photo by John Lowe


Christopher Street, November 4, 2007
Photos by Stephen Harmon


Christopher Street, September 23, 2007
A favorite spot, with rapt audience
Photo by Michael Wolz


Community Garden on East 11th Street, August 12, 2007
East 11th Street between Avenues B and C


Central Park near West 67th, July 15, 2007
On the bridle path near Tavern on the Green
Photo by Mike Agranoff


Christopher Street, April 22, 2007
First outdoor concert of the spring
Photo by Jon delaHarpe


Loft Concert, March 4, 2007
Some of the 30 singers in the Loft Concert in John's home
Photo by Norman Trabulus


RSS and Friends after caroling, December 16, 2006
After singing, eating and drinking, we sang some more
Photo by Thomas Flagg


RSS and Friends, Sheridan Square, December 16, 2006
Annual caroling event
Photo by Norman Trabulus


RSS and Friends, St. Vincent's, December 16, 2006
On the steps of St. Vincent's Hospital
Photo by Norman Trabulus


RSS and Friends, 14th Street at 7th Avenue, December 16, 2006
Annual caroling event encounters 200 Santas
Photo by Norman Trabulus


LIRR Station, Manhattan, Sept. 17, 2006
Our first Music Under New York appearance
Photo by Keith Dupont


Riverside Drive at 116th Street, May 7, 2006
Riverside Drive at 116th Street
Photo by Antonieta Cal y Mayor Turnbull


Christopher Street, April 9, 2006
Found in a passerby's blog
Photo by


After the concert at St. Matthias Church in Ridgewood, Queens, March 26, 2006
After giving a concert in St. Matthias R. C. Church
Photo by Alison Lau


Renaissance Street Singers and Friends, Dec. 17, 2005
Caroling at St. Vincent's in the Village
Photo by Norman Trabulus


Central Park, June 5, 2005
On the bridle path near Tavern on the Green
Photo by Jack Shor


Open Sing at Loft Concert, Feb 27, 2005
Enough music to sing late into the night
Photo by Eric Redlinger


In memory of 9/11 victims, Sheridan Square, Sept. 11, 2004
in cooperation with
Renaissance Street Singers
Photos by Barry Soileau


Central Park near West 93rd, August 15, 2004 - John didn't think it would rain
We started in the open...
...then moved under a tree...
...and ended up under a bridge.
Photos by Barry Soileau


Christopher Street, July 11, 2004
Audience on the left
A good day at one of our favorite spots
Audience on the right
Audience in the street
Photos by Barry Soileau


After Caroling Dec 20, 2003
We always sing at parties. Here we are doing Nicolas Gombert's Ave Regina Caelorum
Photo by Thomas Flagg


Commerce Street, October 5, 2003
A favorite spot, the crook of Commerce Street in the west Village
Photo by Joshua Buffham


Sheridan Square, September 11, 2003
9/11 remembrance
Photos by Benjamin Dean


Bleecker Street at Christopher Street, March 23, 2003
The day Virginia Hamilton was shooting for a documentary about the RSS
Photos by Elizabeth Salvie


Singing old favorites after caroling, Dec 21, 2002
Street Singers and friends ate, drank and sang motets far into the night. Here we are singing Georg Prenner's 'Sancta Maria'. John removed his shoes before stepping on sacred music.
Photo by John Sidtis


RSS and Friends Caroling in Sheridan Square Dec 21, 2002
Photos by Norman Trabulus


Polyphonic sacred music in memory of the victims of Sept 11


Chelsea Market, March 24, 2002
In front of the wine store
Photo by John Sidtis


Union Square, in memory of Sept. 11 victims, Sept. 23, 2001
Photos by Zeev Zamir


Fort Tryon Park, August 12, 2001
On the big stone steps
Photo by Jenny Holan


Brooklyn's "Atlantic Antic," Sept 24, 2000
Street Festival on Atlantic Avenue


Christopher Street, July 16, 2000
photos by dom


Sheridan Square, March 26, 2000
Singing in Christopher Park
Photo by George Kalkines


Eleventh Street at Seventh Avenue, December 18, 1999
RSS and friends' annual caroling event
Photo by Norman Trabulus


Sheridan Square, December 18, 1999
RSS and friends' annual caroling event
Photo by Norman Trabulus


Central Park Near West 93rd Street, May 2, 1999
Singing for joggers, skaters and bikers by the reservoir
Photo by Freya Ellinwood


Plaza at the World Financial Center, April 18, 1999
Singing by the Hudson River near Battery Park City
Photo by Chris Stavropoulos


Plaza at the World Financial Center, April 18, 1999
Singing by the Hudson River near Battery Park City
Photo by Chris Stavropoulos


Loft Concert, March 14, 1999
Concert given in John's loft
Photo by Theresa Hoyes


Sheridan Square in Greenwich Village, October 25, 1998
Typical RSS performance


Christopher Street, Greenwich Village, July 12, 1998
Before the Concert
Photo by Gina Tlamsa


Chelsea Market, November 23, 1997
Ninth Avenue between 15th and 16th Streets
Photo by Thomas Flagg


Commerce Street, Greenwich Village, September 15, 1996
Typical RSS performance
Photo by Gawain Beirne


Christmas Caroling in Greenwich Village, December 16, 1995
RSS and friends on the steps of St. Vincent's Hospital


Italian Garden Day at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, July 17, 1994
A Performance By Invitation


Loft Concert, February 28, 1993
Photo by Kathie Patterson


Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights, April 12, 1992
Photo by Nancy Mandel


Sally's "Stations of the Cross" opening at St. Clement's, April 7, 1991
West 46th Street
Photo by John with Jean-Yves's camera


St. Mark's Place at 2nd Avenue, August 5, 1990
A nice-looking group
Photo by John with Nancy's camera


Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights, September 10, 1989
Photo by Paul Mogil or Annemarie Mogil


Brooklyn Heights Promenade, May 7, 1989
A low-turnout day
Photo by Hélène or Jean-Louis Batellier


Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights, October 16, 1988
Montague between Henry and Hicks
Photo by Nancy Mandel


William F. Buckley's Christmas party, December 11, 1987
A paid gig for these eight, arranged by Rick
Photo by Jan Lukas


Sheridan Square, March 8, 1987
Where did that come from? Oh, pigeons
Photo by M. Masri


St. Mark's Place east of 2nd Avenue, October 5, 1986
John needs a shave (or is growing a beard?)
Photo by Betsy Fox


79th Street Boat Basin, May 12, 1985
Boat Basin acoustics
Photo by Nancy Mandel


Christopher Street by Hudson, December 1984
Collecting donations for St. Luke's rebuilding after fire


Fort Tryon Park, June 24, 1984
On the stone steps, as usual


Sheridan Square, July 10, 1983
Between motets in Christopher Park
Photo by Pauline Hetland Walker


Street Singers' Tenth Anniversary Concert, June 4, 1983
A brief concert, then a party
Photo by Ian Capps


No pictures in 1982; how about this?
Letter to editor of Merrick (Long Island) Life


Fifth Avenue Festival, December 20, 1981
On the steps of St. Patrick's Cathedral


Grand Central Terminal, December 28, 1980
In the Graybar passageway
Photo by Phelva Jerlow Hetland


Street Singers' Reunion, December 13, 1979
Surprise birthday party for John
Photo by Ed Kane


Brooklyn Heights Promenade, October 22, 1978
John conducting (or perhaps being distracted from conducting)
Photo by Nancy Campbell


Brooklyn Botanic Garden, July 9, 1978
In the Garden's Music-by-the-Pond series


79th Street Boat Basin, August 28, 1977
Posing at the Boat Basin


Roosevelt Island, August 22, 1976
Roosevelt Island


Eighth Street, Greenwich Village, August 1, 1976
Photos by Pauline Hetland Walker


Croton-On-Hudson retreat, May 1, 1976
A weekend in a cabin in the woods


Thomas Ryan and Nancy Kern perform a 12' x 6' pastel drawing
in correlation to motets sung by The Renaisance Street Singers
at the Rabinovitch & Guerra Gallery, February 8, 1976
Photos by Carl Roodman


Heat Wave, August 3, 1975
Probably stoned, too


Eighth Street at Sixth Avenue, November 10, 1974
Discussion with a cop on whether to move on
Photo by John F. Sitar


Central Park, July 1974
The Old Days


Central Park c. February 1974
John conducting 'Jesu corona virginum'
Mike, Jamie, Clare, Lila, Ann...
Photos by Joy Matthews


Private Party, December 1, 1973
U. N. Party for Adolf Ciborowski, chief architect of the United Nations plan to rebuild Skopje after the devastating 1963 earthquake