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Date :  Sun 1/29/2023
Name :  Adam Vogt
Comment :  Wow, your music offers a wondrous and haunting view into past liturgical practices. Thank you.
Date :  Sun 2/23/2020
Name :  Gaynor
Comment :  What a treat.

Thank you John. The singers are sounding so good, and it was a pleasure to see you lead the group again in your beautiful space. You and they are the best and the feasting was fabulous too.
Special thanks to Barbara!
Happy spring!
Date :  12/11/2019
Name :  Cara S.
Comment :  Saw your wonderful group at the MetLife Building last night and you all sounded amazing! Will definitely tell others to attend your concerts in 2020! Happy holidays and wishing you continued success!!
Date :  8/27/2019
Date :  April 16, 2019
Comment :  It was such a delight to hear you in Fort Tryon Park this past weekend! There was something magical about emerging from the Heather Garden and suddenly hearing strains of music - and I especially loved that you ended with two psalms. (I'm a rabbi and my wife is a musician.) We'll be on the lookout for you in the future!
Date :  Sun 7/22/2018 3:22 PM
Name :  joseph conlon
Comment :  Your troup was amazing!
Date :  2/28/2018
Name :  Miriam
Comment :  Greetings...

I just wanted to follow with a quick THANK YOU!!!! for, yet again, hosting the highlight of this largely dreary season. The music was stunning, the food delicious... and the conversation had me laughing every other moment! I'm (selfishly) hoping that this tradition goes on forever!

Have a wonderful season on the streets, and I'll look forward to stumbling upon your music here and there this summer!
Date :   2/25/2018
Name :  Alida G.
Comment :  Thank you for letting me and Louisa in at the intermission. The concert was wonderful.
Always loved this kind of music. It's hard to find this kind of music in the US. When I was living in France for some summers with my father when I was younger, I use to hear this kind of music. Although, my grandfather use to find this kind or Elizabethan music on the radio.
Not sure if the music you use is either earlier or the same period or after. I am sure you know.
Date :   5/15/16
Name :   Sig Rosen
Comments :   Responding to anonymous- the last: The guest book format does not lend itself to comment as easy as say- a chat facility as on facebook. Emails work for members, but audience may find it more remote.
Email :   sigrosen[at]
Date :   4/9/16
Name :   anonymous
Comments :   Why no comments for the past year and a half?
Date :  12/22/2014
Name :  Rob
Comment :  Pretty good but some of the selections could use some instrumental accompaniment to keep the motet on pitch, improve the intonation, and the blending of voices.
Date :  12/21/14
Name :  Gaynor Cote
Comment :  Thank you for the wonderful December 20th winter sing and gathering. Luck, love and light to you and yours and all in 2015. And tickles to all cats in residence. Gaynor
Date :   09-16-2014
Name :  Mark Gowdy-Jaehnig
Comment :  Christine and I checked out your rounds in Rounds Galore and enjoyed them. It was a pleasure to meet you last weekend.
Date :  Aug 25, 2014
Name :  Monika Fahrnberger
Comment :  Hello from Vienna, from another Early Music performer! I have just spent almost 3 hours on your website, browsing, reading, listening to your singing and checking out media coverage. I like the idea of bringing the music to places and people who might not come in to attend any official performance. All the best for your future public appearances, and best regards, Monika
Date :  4/3/13
Name :  Sig
Comment :  Happy Birthday Drew!
E-mail :  sigrosen(AT)
Website URL :
Date :   2/21/14
Name :   Sig
Comments :   Happy birthday (yesterday) to Sherwin. Great to sing with you!
Email :   sigrosen(AT)
Date :   9/12/13
Name :   e
Comments :   Happy birthday, Jenny.
Date :   25 Aug 2013
Name :   Jenny
Comments :   Woo hoo--Hats off to you--between the wolves (in Algonquin Park) and the beer (in Washington DC)--that was a bit abrupt. Anyway, good that you had your say. Rorate caeli!
Email :   athpar(at)
Date :   8/18/13
Name :   Jo
Comments :   Had the incredible experience of seeing and hearing you for the first time today at the 6B Garden in the East Village. Touched my heart and soul. Gave me goosebumps and made me cry (in the best possible way). Things like this is what makes life feel alive
Email :   jopendola(at)
Website URL :
Date :   April 7, 2013
Name :   John
Comments :   I had the opportunity to hear you perform on Christopher St! Wonderful! I sing this music at Grace Episcopal Church in Brooklyn Heights and I really appreciated your performance! THANK YOU!
Date :   4/7/13
Name :   Marissa
Comments :   As a fellow musician and a resident of Christopher St. (for 2 years) it's nice to open up my window, and hear beautiful Renaissance polyphonic music. Thanks!! :)
Date :   3/5/2013
Name :   Gina
Comments :   Wow, John, thanks for the RSS all these many years! By the way how about bringing back Beati Immaculati by Mundy? Or anything by Cardoso, or Morales. I could sing the Palestrina Dum Complerentur over and over again!
Date :   3/4/13
Name :   Sig Rosen
Comments :   Congratulations on a stunning acheivement! Powerful full-bodied singing. I'd like more people to hear us. I'd love to get invitations to more venues. Perhaps an announcement to that effect of our availability?
Email :   sigrosen[AT]
Website URL :
Date :   1/28/13
Name :   Bob Marvin
Comments :   My wife and I attended your concert at 25 Parade place, which we had seen listed on the Q at Parkside blog. THANK YOU! It was wonderful.
Email :   bmarvin(at)
Date :   10/5/12
Name :   sig Rosen
Comments :   Thanks John and all the Street Singers who performed at our 9/23 HVG CD Launch Party. What a wonderful circle of people!
Email :   sigrosen[AT]
Website URL :
Date :   7/31/12
Name :   Sig Rosen
Comments :   Greetings from many Syracuse Schola Cantorum participants. When we wore our RSS shirt, Kristina pointed John out as our Rossi editor! Will have a CD available. Franciscan Church of the Assumption was served HEBREW AT MASS!
Email :   sigrosen[AT]
Date :   7/15/12
Comment :   Oh. I never saw this. Wow, I'm such an idiot.
Date :  5/5/12
Name :  John
Comment :  Dear Misuse,
For your very public request I make a public reply: I will bring a copy, maybe two, of the 2012 Loft Concert program to Christopher Street tomorrow. I'd bring an extra set of music too, but I'd rather see your smiling face in the audience. Don't disappoint me.
E-mail :  John(at)
Date :   NIght of The Supermoon [5/4/12]
Name :   Gee,how will you ever figure out who this is?
Comments :   John, I keep forgetting to ask you (not that I've seen you much) if there are extra physical copies of the Loft Concert programs. I've never not had one before. I'll keep forgetting, but sometimes you remember stuff and are way more organized than I ever am, so if PERCHANCE you remember and keep one SOMEWHERE that I will get someday, soon I hope, I would be thrilled and thankful. Now I'm working on seeing if I can get somewhere by 2 pm and see y'alls on Sunday, either listening or fake-singing. Sigh. Thanks. Misuse.
Date :   April 20, 2012
Name :   Ruth Horowitz
Comments :   I wandered through the website, read all the FAQs, looked at the recent photos. Like all the work you do, John, this website is so well done - carefully considered, intelligent and lovely to look at. I look forward to hear sweet street singer sounds next Sunday.
Date :   5 March 2012
Name :   Jenny H
Comments :   It was great to hear you from afar. The live stream is fun to use (although I have to go to the library to get the speed needed). Greetings from Joe in Vietnam, can you believe it! The music program was very beautiful --good idea to layer motets within mass parts-- and the words-&-pictures program is lovely too. Thanks for your hard work, hardy crew.
Email :   athpar(at)
Date :   2/28/12
Name :   John Hetland
Comments :   Having a problem with the 2/26 video, hope to have it resolved soon...
Date :   2/28
Name :   Sig Rosen
Comments :   Trying to find the 2/26 Video!
Email :   Sigrosen[AT]
Date :   1-23-12
Name :   Marty Zitter
Comments :   In 1964 Karen Bonime brought me to St. Ann�s church in Brooklyn Heights to meet Joel Meltz and sing bass in the chorus. I left in 1966 to go to San Francisco with flowers in my hair. It�s great to still be alive.
Email :   martykz(at)
Date :   November 2, 2011
Name :   Gina
Comments :   Dear John, As the weather gets colder and we reach for our sweaters and coats, how enjoyable it is to watch the videos from the Creative Little Garden concert, when we were sleeveless, singing Palestrina with the birds on the lower east, Gina
Email :   grt912(at)
Date :   10/27/11
Name :   Stefanie Green
Comments :   I came across your name accidentally this morning. I was looking at the sheet music of a psalm by Salamone Rossi and saw your credit. I had been thinking of showing it to my recorder group to play this holiday season. At your website, I saw photos of people performing in your group who I had met this Labor Day at a workshop in Bloomsburg PA. Incredibly small world. Next time I'm in NYC I will look for one of your performances. All best, Steffi
Website URL :
Date :   9-7-11
Comments :   The music is wonderful; and what a wonderful and talented group of folks ! Thanks Sigmund Rosen for telling me about this !!
Date :   7/12/11
Name :   Sig Rosen
Comments :   Thanks to the Street Singers who in an instant came to Cabrini Home to serenade a lonely friend.
Email :   sigrosen{AT}
Date :   7/12/2011
Name :   Rose Ananthanayagam
Comments :   You guys and gals are part of the magic and romance that is New York. Thanks so much for keeping this group rolling.
Date :   8 July 2011
Name :   Jenny & Andrea
Comments :   Thanks, John, for arrangements to put us up in style when we came for a city visit and soaked up bonhomie along with the sounds of the Renaissance, and to the heroic singers who undertook the hotel gig last winter that made it possible. Warm hugs from woolly Vermont.
Email :
Date :   April 23, 2011
Name :   Judy Stein
Comments :   Was telling a friend about the group, of which I was a member (alto) in 1977. Went looking on the Web for a recording of the 2 Senfl pieces we sang then (Ave Rosa and Mater Digna Dei), my favorites, & found your Web site. Am tickled pink you're still carrying on. Wish I could join you again but I no longer live in NYC. Had a blast perusing the site & listening to the music (but wish you had the Senfl pieces too!). Even found myself in a photo. John, unending thanks for those fabulous memories. You're the best!
Date :   3/28/11
Name :   Sigmund Rosen
Comments :   Congratulations John for your clear, supple, and inspiring leadership. 3/27 was wonderful, the improvement apparent to me. Can't wait to hear the CD/Video. Think some should be on YouTube.
Email :   sigrosen[at]
Your website URL :
Date :   3/28/11
Name :   Eileen
Comments :   Hi Jenny!
Date :   Um, morning after Loft Concert 2
Name :   Eileen
Comments :   I love the photo collage on the picture page. However, if I ever manage to re-join y'all, I respectfully refuse to be featured in such a collage. I mean it. Nevertheless , its wonderful!
Date :   3/27/11
Name :   Arlene Hetland Knutson
Comments :   Thanks, John, for letting us know about the two Sunday concerts online. Beautiful singing. Happy to know this kind of music is still alive and appreciated. Your cousin, Arlene, in Bloomington, MN
Date :   1/19/11
Name :   Sigmund Rosen
Comments :   Thanks John for Hosting Friday Night Readings! Do invite Patrick & Jocelyn to the Lofts.
Email :   sigrosen[at]
Website URL :
Date :   Christmas 2010
Name :   Jenny H
Comments :   A delight to connect with friends and be wrapped in the music on the 18th. A pleasure to introduce Andrea of Vermont, who was right at home in the scene and the sounds. Thanks to all who made it great.
Email :   athpar(at)
Date :   12-07-10
Name :   Edil Cruz
Comments :   Felicidades en navidad, a todo el grupo si tienen cds me gustaria comprar, Dios los bendiga Edil, tell 212-876-4652
Email :   kristaledil(at)
Date :   10/24/2010
Name :   Mel G
Comments :   Thank you for a great concert this afternoon. It was such a pleasant surprise. I went to the High line to hear the bells. I know that you had concerns about singing during the bell exhibit, but it actually worked during some of the segments.
Date :   8/6/10
Name :   Sigmund Rosen
Comments :   Wonderful Vt singing/eating experiece thanks to John for the music, Jenny for the inspiration & hostessing, and Andrea Matthews for sharing heart, hearth and voice.
Date: :   Aug 19, 2010
Name :   Clifford Fee
Comments :   I sang with Joel Meltz at Bass Lake Farm Camp and afterwards. I started a Facebook page for Bass Lake Farm. If anyone was an alumnus of Bass Lake, please find the page on Facebook.
Email :   cfeenyc(at)
Date :   7/18
Name :   Sigmund Rosen
Comments :   Thanks John, Holly, Joy & Andras for performing Rossi & being at our 75 BD Musicale & also in addition Ada, David, Bruce, Kate, who sang Monteverdi's Orfeo! Hope I didn't miss anyone.
Date :   23 march 2010
Name :   Maricel Usano
Comment :   It was great hearing and seeing you people while sitting back comfortably on my Madrid chair. The music and the singers were great, but the sound a little chopped up and the image blurred. I suggest next time you announce each piece clearly looking at the camera. Although the program was posted in your web, it was difficult keeping track of what was being sung. Anyway, thanks a lot for a beautiful performance of beautiful music which made it worthwhile staying up till 1 AM.
Email :   maricelusano(at)
Date :   March 15, 2010
Name :   Ruth Horowitz
Comment :   Congratulations, John and Streetsingers! It was exciting to join you from Canada for your loft concert. Keep bringing Renaissance music to us through the internet. Thanks.
Date :   Mon AM 3/15/10
Name :   sigmund Rosen
Comment :   Web sound adequate, picture very poor in resolution, with total glare and no color. Needs improvement for next week. Placement could be changed for ?
Email :   sigrosen[at]
Date :   1/18/10
Name :   Nancy Shimer (Heiden)
Comment :   Hi John! I have very fond memories of singing with the RSS from 1977-1980. So glad to see you're still going strong! Hope to make contact next time I'm in NYC. Nancy
Email :   newagaon(at)
Date :   12/22/09
Comment :   Sen....HetlandSEN
Date :   12-um? [12/19/09]
Name :   Prune
Comment : say that NOW Johannes Hetlandson!
Date :   12-13-2009
Name :   Bryce Jerlow
Comment :   I always appreciate The Renaissance Street Singers, but especially at Christmas Time. Thanks so much.
Date :   December 11, 2009
Name :   Janet Rosenthal Dephoure
Comment :   Hello Joel, Maricel, Charles Van Tassel & anyone else from the old days of Renaissance Chorus. I sang with the chorus around 1958,59 and/or 60 when Harold Brown was conductor and Joel Meltz assistant. I was best friends with Laurie Israel at Sarah Lawrence.
If you read this Joel & others please contact me:
Janet Rosenthal Dephoure
31 Columbus St.
Lexington, MA 02421
Email :   janetd4(at)
Date :  11-15
Name :  John
Comment :  Grove Music Online is our standard for names, nationalities and dates, and the preferred version of a name is the composer's own nationality. Thus Johannes Ockeghem becomes Jean de Ockeghem, Orlando di Lasso becomes Orlande de Lassus, and so on.
Date :   11-15
Name :   Pruneleena
Comment :   Wow. So you really changed his name to Jean de ! What happened?
Date :   Nov 12, 2009
Name :   Maricel Usano
Comment :   Hi John! It was great meeting you at the HB Memorial. I would like a recording of the sing. Please tell me how to go about paying for it and for mailing it. My address is: Maricel Usano, Jazm�n 12, 1A, 28033 Madrid, Spain.
warm regards
Email :   email: maricelusano(at)
Date :   Oct. somethingeth 09
Name :   Prunella Vulgaris
Comment :   Last photo from April! Come now!!
Date :   10/4/09
Comment :   I happened across your concert in Central Park this afternoon. An unexpected gift of glorious music sung outdoors on a glorious afternoon. Thank you.
Date :   9/3/2009
Comment :   Hi.
Date :   8/26/09
Name :   Chris Coelho
Comment :   John, We haven't met, but I sang in Joel's group in Boston briefly in 1988-1989. Cardoso's Requiem Sex Vocum. It was a life changing experience and it opened my ears. Joel may remember me as a friend of Bill K's, or he may not, but would it be possible for
[Chris, you ran over the 256 character limit per box! Please re-enter the rest! -John]
Date :   7/15/09
Name :   Gretchen
Comment :   This is wonderful! I wish I could join you singing, but my schedule won't allow it. Hopefully I'll be able to catch a performance soon.
Date :   May 10, 2009
Name :   Richard Hein
Comment :   I too, was wondering about Joel Meltz. I went to Manhattan School of Music (French horn) where Joel was then studying, I think, viola. I saw him later in Baltimore at Savitria (Aquarian Age University). He later was in New York. I remember going to his place with some friends, eating wonderful organic food that he and his girlfriend, Karen, made and then singing renaissance songs in the stairwell (good acoustics).
Email :   richhein(at)
Date :   4/13/09
Name :   Elizabeth Hobson
Comment :   Hi there! I sang with you way, way back around 1986 or so. Nice to see you're still around. Just recently returned to singing and found you on the web. Bravo for your longevity!
Date :   5 April 2009
Name :   Valerie
Comment :   We heard you at the Cloisters today. What a lovely surprise. Thank you.
Date :   April 3, 2009
Name :   John Hetland
Comment :   Yes, Joel is still around. He lives in Boston and still does Renaissance music. I sent him your note. You can see him if you come to the Harold Brown Centennial in late October. See .
Date :   April 2 2009
Name :   Nan Gardner Powlison
Comment :   I sang, danced, and banged my way through the summer of 1963 with Joel Meltz doing Carmina Burana happenings at Farm and Wilderness camps in Vermont. How and where is Joel now? Still around?
Email :   Npowlison(at)
Date :   26 March 2009
Name :   Maricel from Spain
Comment :   Great to find out R. music still is on. I sang with the Renaissance Chorus of NY around 1958,59 and/or 60 when Harold Brown was conductor and Joel Meltz assistant. Would love to hear also from other members: Peter Heim, Peter Kurz, Laura Nagels, Laurie Is
Email :   maricelusano(at)
Date :   1/11/09
Name :   Janet Benson
Comment :   I came across your group by accident while traveling through Grand Central on the way to my hotel (just arrived from California). What a delightful welcome to the City. I listened for half an hour (until your break), and was moved to tears several times.
Date :   December 28, 2008
Name :   John Hetland
Comment :   Yes, it's possible. If there are two or three scores you're interested in, let me know and I'll send them. If you want LOTS of scores, we can arrange something. See the Contact information on our Home page.
Date :   12-28-08
Name :   Yasoma Challenor
Comment :   I sang in the Renaissance Chorus of NY from 1953 to 1963. It's good to see the a cappella sacred music tradition continuing.

P.S. Is it possible to obtain copies of the scores of your programs?

Date :   12/21/08
Name :   Sig Rosen
Comment :   What an inspiring evening of sightsinging-full-bodied and soulful, irresistable. Happy Holidays everyone!
Email :   sigrosen{at}
Date :   Dec 6, 2008
Name :   Don Boekelheide
Comment :   Finding your site brought back many memories. I sang with you in 1977, and still cherish the experience. You continue to inspire me, musically and in building community. Deepest thanks, and best wishes.
    Interesting how NYC has both the RSS and the Green Guerillas, true grassroots organizations transforming the world.
    You can see some of what I'm up to these days at I'm playing more now, cornetto and recorder, than singing -
Email:   dboekelheide(at)
Date :   11/17/08
Name :   Terry
Comment :   My friend and I had the good fortune to pass by your group in Grand Central yesterday afternoon. We ended up taking a different train so that we could stay and listen to you sing. It was so beautiful and spiritual. Thank you.
Date :   11/08/2008
Name :   William
Comment :   What you do is really amazing. Thanks!
Date :   October 30, 2008
Name :   Ruth Horowitz
Comment :   Dear John, I absolutely loved the garden concert, especially the desPres and Ockeghem, as they made me feel in the presence of Harold's spirit. Magical music in a magical setting. Thank you for carrying on. Warm wishes to all.
Date :   September 19, 2008
Name :   Ruth Horowitz
Comment :   Dear John, I will be coming to New York just about the time you will be singing a possible garden concert on October 19th. I keep checking your website for the place it's to be held. I have waited an incredibly long time to hear renaissance music sung live again - probably close to 40 years - so this will be pretty exciting for me. I have always admired the way in which you and the Renaissance Street Singers deliver this wonderful music to people by bringing it into the streets.
Email :   mountainruth(at)
Date :   25 July
Name :   Jenny H
Comment :   Eileen: Yeah you're right--more pictures please. And Eileen: Yeah you, write--more mail to me please. I'm hoping to see the group at the September Concert.
Email :   athpar(at)
Date :   July 21, 2008
Name :   Pam Fox MTHS
Comment :   Beautiful Music. Do you have a CD?? Congratulations to all concerned on your very fine work!!
Date :   June 1 08
Name :   Eileen
Comment :   Surely you folks have had a photograph taken since November!
Date :   6 May
Name :   Jenny H
Comment :   Thanx 2 all who sang the concert @ Holy Rosary on 4 May--it may not have reached many new ears, but as a sing-in it was a wonderful experience 4 me. (Apologies for some badly squashed notes on the Byrd, though. That was me.) I loved being surrounded by the music, & held it close on the way back as the Merritt Pkwy revealed delicate new leaves in alternating pale green and brick pink--each tree a spray in a long overlapping stack of spring lushness.
Email :   athpar(at)
Date :   April 29, 2008
Name :   David Weiss
Comment :   Hey Joel! Where are living at? I'm in Music School.
Email :   dweiss1868(at)
Date :   Feb 16 2008
Name :   Marty Zitter
Comment :   In 1965 Karen Bonime took me to a Joel Meltz rehearsal in a Brooklyn Heights church. We sat in a paneled boardroom around a huge table and smoked �fretless� pot. He then took me to the piano and screamed G at me until I got it in tune. We sang in the tunnels in Central Park and at St. Ann�s and at Riverside Church and once at the Metropolitan Museum. Karen had recently graduated from Radcliff and we were head over heels in love. Ah, but I was so much older then�
Email :   martykz(at)
Date :   Nov 26, 2007
Name :   John Hetland
Comment :   Scott, we do get invitations to sing in churches, usually for a Sunday afternoon concert. We have rarely sung during a service or mass, but are open to the possibility. Please send me an email if you have a possibility.
Email :   JHetland(at)
Date :   Nov 23, 07
Name :   Scott
Comment :   Just wondering if you ever thought of singing for a High Latin Mass (traditional rite) at a church in NY? I am sure the mass attendees would be very grateful... Also your group can experience the music they love in the context for which it was written.
Date :   11-01-07
Comment:   What if there were nothing? Just wondering.
Date :   29/10/07
Name :   adams
Comment :   i love your site
  that is good
Email :   adamd(at)
Date :   9/11/07
Name :   Sigmund Rosen
Comment :   9/11/07 was to be a joyful day-Dorrie & my 30th wedding anniversery. We now have a deeper role given- honored to be amoung committed humanitarian artists. Thank You John for your leadership and vision.
Date :   8-31-07
Name :   Marc J.
Comment :   I'm a longtime fan, having lived at 95 Christopher St since 1981 and enjoyed your concerts on the corner. I love perusing the picture gallery and seeing concerts I heard, and others I didn't, dating back to the 70s. Wow. You guys are a wonder, a rare bit of pure spirit and joy in this screwed-up world. Keep the faith, and keep on singing!
Date :   8-20-07
Name :   eileen
Comment :   Hi folks.
Date :   23 June 2007
Name :   Jeri Fogel
Comment :   Wow, very cool! Macte virtute!
Email :   jerise(at)
Date :   061707
Name :   nancy mackinnon
Comment :   John, you are hot! Yup, hot and sexy.

xo miss nancy (with Peanut on the keyboard)

Date :  June 10, 2007
Name :  Anonymous, on Montague Street
Comment :  Still we try

We love. We hurt. We lament.
Still we are here.
   Survivors of this life
      for now.
We are here.
   And here today
      your voices sang
         to us; to me only it seemed.
As you pass through me,
   tomorrow is coming
And still we try
   After our morning coffee —
      our possibilities align
And we listen for soft
   voices coming from streets
      we did not expect.

          Thank you —

Date :   5 june 07
Name :   Holly
Comment :   It's been way too long since I checked into our lovely site! Enjoyed the enhanced photo gallery and the nostalgia of it all! (Seems like in the earlier days the group actually posed for photos! Let's sometime soon!) ;)
Date :   5-9-07
Name :   gina t.
Comment :   it was a great joy to sing in central park at w.93 again, looking forward to singing in another location in cp over the summer. love, gina
Date :  April 15, 2007
Name :  Jenny Holan
Comment :  Just a hello to tell you I miss you all and your music. A small compensatory triumph: I persuaded an octet of us to sing Palestrina's Pueri hebraeorum at our church on Palm Sunday. There is also an occasional neighborhood mostly-sightreading group singing Renaissance masses and motets, but we can't always find a bass, so if one comes this way, be sure to make your presence known. Ski season continues for another week or so, hundreds of lambs have arrived, and maple sugaring may go on into May at this rate.


Date :  Jan 24, 2007
Name :  M. Slick
Comment :  My daughters and I were visiting NYC from Minnesota last weekend and were privileged to hear a portion of your concert Sunday in Grand Central Station.

We thought the music was exquisite. We were amazed to turn the corner and hear such beautiful sounds floating in the corridor.

Thank you for all of the time and effort spent on crafting your music. You made an enjoyable trip all the more so.

Date :   october 25, 2006
Name :   gina
Comment :   i enjoyed looking at the pictures, john, see you tomorrow at rehearsal.
love, gina
ps, i am once again reading emails after several months abstinence, as i have a working computer.
Date :   10-5-06
Name :   Dennis Hurley
Comment :   My youngest son (24) and I had taken the subway back to Penn Station between the afternoon and evening games at Yankee Stadium. Going up to street level, we came upon your singing group. We enjoyed it so much. What fresh air. Thank you for making our day.
E-mail address :   dennis(at)
Date :   Mon., Sept. 25, 2006
Name :   Patrick
Comment :   I look forward to hearing you. Do you seek out specific locations to perform is it random, do you get permission, is it tough to build a transitory audience, have you sung in the great interior accousitic (non church) spaces of ny, do you have such a list?
Date :   August 3, 2006
Name :   Bernard Cowan
Comment :   With fondest memories of 197(?) and you and Claude Lomden, Michael Sussholtz et al. Glad to know you're still thriving, John.
E-mail address :   bcowan(at)
Date :   july 28 2006
E-mail address :   bfigeau(at)
Date :   06/25/2006
Name :   Rieko
Comment :   Hello, I stumbled upon your concert this afternoon at the Clark St station around the corner from where I live. I was coming home from a very bad day at work, and your beautiful singing voices made me cry. Thank you.
E-mail address :   rainstar(at)
Date :   April 4, 2006
Name :   Elaine Scott
Comment :   I just learned of your existence last week, when I was visiting my editor in NYC. Sadly, you weren't performing. But you are now, on my computer. What a pure sound! I love it, and applaud you for sharing your gifts with others. Bravo! Bravissimo!
E-mail address :   Scottent(at)
Date :   3/28/06
Name :   Phil Skabeikis
Comment :   Thank you John and all the RSS for your gifts of time and talent at St. Matthias in Ridgewood Queens on Sunday 3/26. Your performance was a triumph and folks are still talking about it.
Date :   3/13/06
Name :   Phil Skabeikis
Comment :   Thank you for yesterday afternoon's Loft Concert. What a wonderful afternoon of music. The love of the repertoire was evident from director and singers. The spirit soared! My friends and I look forward to hearing this music performed later this month at St. Matthias.
E-mail address :   philip.skabeikis(at)
Date :   1/29/2006
Name :   Erica
Comment :   I joined the Renaissance Street Singers this past Thursday and had a rehearsal with them that evening, and I just wanted to say that I'm really excited about performing with the group soon!!!
Date :   01/08/2006
Name :   Lawrence Antler
Comment :   I attended the performance of the Renaissance Street Singers on Sunday, January 8th at Chelsea Market. I enjoyed it very much. The aural effect of polyphony was intriguing to my ear. Especially noteworthy was the soprano voice, rising above the chorus.
E-mail address :   lantler(at)
Date :   Dec. 23, 2005
Name :   John Bishop
Comment :   Hi -- I was one of the singers in the mid-80s (1986-88?). A bass (as long as there was another to cheat off of! I'm so glad you're still going strong. I plan to try to come to NYC with my 13 y.o. son in June. I'll be looking for you!! I had no IDEA how long
E-mail address :   jbishop(at)
Date :   10/23/05
Name :   Roxanne
Comment :   I wrote too much for the recipient last time. Actually, I'm looking for real news of Joel, should there be some available. I have all my old music from '67. I noted some of Joel's remarks:
"I'm a patient man, altos..."
"That's nice - for Hindemith. Try it again."
"In China, they'd shoot you for this. Of course, they'd be wrong..."
"I can freak you all out, you know."
"Those who are interested, raise your hand - hold it up - If you don't hold it up, you're out."
"Altos, you're flat."
"Basses, I know you can sing better than that. If you can't sing better than that, I'll shoot you."
E-mail address :   rox(at)
Date :   october 18 2005
Name :   Roxanne
Comment :   From time to time I look up names of old - and lo, this time trying to find out what Joel Meltz might be up to, I run across your site!!! I sang, for a year or so, with the Ren. Chorus. We met, at the time, in his fifth street tub-in-kitchen. He used the
  It's divine to hear that his subversive renaissance underground is still thriving.
E-mail address :   rox(at)
Date :   10/17/05
Name :   Steve McCombs
Comment :   On Sunday 10/16 my wife and I heard you in Greenwich Village. It was the perfect cap to a wonderful weekend in NYC. We hail from Onalaska WI and travel to NYC about twice a year and heard your group for the first time. Thanks. It was a real treat!!
E-mail address :   stevemccombs(at)
Date :   10/2/05
Name :   Evelyn
Comment :   I heard your group in the park this afternoon. It was very beautiful. I hope you come back to the UWS/Central Park often. Please put me on your list for announcements, if you have one. (I'd prefer to be anonymous if you post all comments.) Thanks so much.
Date :   August 15, 2005
Name :   NY Revels
Comment :   Thanks
Date :   8/6/2005
Name :   Matt Bogen
Comment :   Oh, to live in NYC and be able to join your group! Sounds like exactly my kind of fun. Perhaps I can at least catch a performance of yours this year... good luck! (BTW, I found your site via Vocal Area Network link.)
Date :   July 12,2005
Name :   John-Mario Russo
Comment :   What a delight to hear the sounds that feed my soul by an ever evolving wonderful Chorus that was one of the beginnings of my singing and spititual life with John Hetland. I was young then, a boy. This group has always been special to me, even now at age 51. I hope to have the privelege of singing with all of you once again in the future! Love an old member fom the last century of the 1970s. John(-Mario) Russo.
E-mail address :   Jomarusso53(at)
Date :   May 21, 2005
Name :   Tom Rothschild
Comment :   John, Thanks for telling me about the web site. The music is delightful. I look forward to singing with you one of these days. Tom Rothschild
E-mail address :   tomr(at)
Date :   
Name :   Draco Aldebaran
Comment :   Looks really interesting
E-mail address :   shapeshift5mandalartist(at)
Date :   4/02/05
Name :   gina
Comment :   hi john, i will be singing tomorrow, christopher street weather permitting,and looking forward to it. i am glad to see so many of my old favorites back in the lineup!
E-mail address :   Grt311(at)
Date :   March 24, 2005
Name :   Gene Murrow
Comment :   Hi John! Great site... I've enjoyed browsing all of it and listening to the music. Next NY Early Music Celebration is Sept. 9 - Oct. 8, 2006. Official word will go out soon.
E-mail address :   gmurrow(at)
Date :   3/6/05
Comment :   Dear John and Streetsingers, I loved tonight's Loft Concert! It was wonderful! Some of the sounds were like the solar winds. And it was lovely to see my old singing buddies. Thanks for the lovely time. Love, Elizabeth M.
E-mail address :   lizaduff(at)
Comment :   How nice to refresh my mind with the finer details of the FAQ list.It brings back memories and reminds me that John is cute and funny.What would we do without him?
Date :   2/11/05
Name :   Jessica Feinbloom
Comment :   Are you planning a 2005 Loft Concert? Am friend of Gina Tlamsa (suggested Virginia film documentary) look forward to beautiful concerts
E-mail address :   J_Feinbloom(at)
Date :   Dec 26, 2004
Name :   John Hetland
Comment :   I believe they called themselves The Renaissance Street Trio, and yes, they were members of RSS, all former members now, one of them deceased. The performance was recorded around 1975. They had been performing together casually, and I don't recall how they got connected with Channel 13, but when asked the name of the group they quickly made one up. Channel 13 repeated the performance at Christmas several years in a row.
E-mail address :   JHetland(at)
Date :   12/26/04
Name :   John Bernardon
Comment :   John, I saw a PBS show in the early70s on NYC channel 13. Hosted by the late Richard Kiley. It was about Christmas celebrations from the distant past, and it featured a trio of singers called The Renaissance Street Singers. They sang The Holly and the Ivy, What Child is This, and other pieces from that era. Was this your group? They were two men and one woman. I recorded the show on audio tape (now lost). It was wonderful.
E-mail address :   wine1981jb(at)
Date :   November 17, 2004
Name :   Tsiporah
Comment :   Miss you guys already. Put on the recently made CD while unpacking the other day. Beautiful music, even if on computer. Nostalgia........ Love, Tsiporah
E-mail address :   mamazipp
Date :   Oct 1, 2004
Name :   John
Comment :   Sad, but true. We'll miss you. Enjoy your stay in New York.
E-mail address :   
Date :   1 October 2004
Name :   Heather Devine
Comment :   I think I will be around Sunday 31st October, but I dont think you are singing that day. And I dont think Ill be around on a Thursday. What a shame!
E-mail address :   heatherdevine100(at)
Date :   14 Sept 04
Name :   Jenny
Comment :   Thanks, Eileen. Regarding Gwen's suggestion last month, I have noticed that the NJ end of the Waterway ferry is sad and silent, could use some music occasionally. The indoor area would be fine--there's still room to walk away, so nobody would be captive. Plenty of bored passengers would welcome it.
E-mail address :   athpar(at)
Date :   9/14/04
Name :   Eileen
Comment :   Happy belated birthday again, to Jenny H. in Vermont. Happy Bleated birthday from the sheep too.
E-mail address :   
Date :   8/19/04
Name :   GwenThompson
Comment :   The PATH train platforms in Hoboken have great acoustics--you should sing there sometime!
E-mail address :   gthompso76(at)
Date :   July 5, 2004
Name :   isabelle
Comment :   Dear streetsingers! thanks to my new dsl connection I just downloaded the complete 2004 loftconcert! what a joy to hear your voices, so familiar. I am impressed about the FORTE! and is that Kate opening w/ asperges me?!   my favorite is the gloria from dufay, the way it goes on for ever... I know I would have loved and hated it! miss you all a ton, there is no place like John's loft!!! hope to stop by some time soon on my next flight over the ocean -till then much love from isabelle.
E-mail address :   
Date :   6/24/04
Name :   Peter Urquhart
Comment:   Wow! I'm impressed. But singing outside is so hard. There must be arches and tunnels in NYC that would help; or a church! -Peter Urquhart / Capella Alamire
E-mail address :   peter.urquhart(at)
Date :   
Name :   
Comment:   Thank you for so generously sharing your beautiful music, wonderful food and comfortable loft space during the recent loft concerts. It is a wonderful gift that you offer! Bravo!
E-mail address :   
Date :   12-27-03
Name :   
Comment:   More Pitchers!!!
E-mail address :   
Date :   November 25, 2003
Name :   Janet
Comment:   Please add me to your email list, if you have one.
E-mail address :   janet(at)
Date :   Oct 27, 2003
Name :   John
Comment:   Yes! Click on Next Performance for the location.
E-mail address :   JHetland(at)
Date :   27 October
Name :   Heather Devine
Comment:   Hello! I will be flying in from London on Saturday and would love to come and sing with you on Sunday (I cant come on Thursday). Tell me where and bring me music!!!! Heather
E-mail address :   heatherdevine100(at)
Date :   Sept 27, 2003
Name :   John Hetland
Comment:   No, Joel lives in the Boston area and I see him a few times a year. But Harold died many years ago.
E-mail address :   JHetland(at)
Date :   Sept 27 2003
Name :   charles van tassel
Comment:   I was one of Joel Meltz's best friends in Music and Art and one of the first singers in the Renaissance Chorus. Harold Brown, and Joel, had a large influence on me. I heard that Joel had died. Is this true? Saw him for the last time in 1967.
E-mail address :   c.h.van.tassel(at)
Date :   Sept. 11, 2003
Name :   Gene & Sharon Hetland
Comment:   Just wanted to say hello and tell the world what a good thing it is to have John for a cousin. It's always enjoyable to check your website.
Cheers & love!
E-mail address :   GnHtlGene(at)
Date :   9-11-03
Name :   Eileen (again)
Comment:   Happy Birthday to our Jenny H.! (I can't get through her spam filter to say this personally!)
Date :   9-10-03
Name :   Eileen
Comment:   Sorry. Sent blank message. Accident. Is that Data from Star Trek behind John's right shoulder on March 23, 2003?
Date :   9-1-03
Name :   Eileen
Date :   8/31/03
Name :   Peter S. Shenkin
Comment:   Hi, John,
I was a member of the Renaissance Chorus with you in 65-66. I remember performing at the Unitarian Church in Bkln Hts, at a Tibetan something-or-other on Riverside Drive, and at the Wash. Sq. Methodist Church (Xmas 66). I also remember attending a performance of Satie's Vexations with a number of chorus members. I look forward to attending one of your forthcoming performances.
E-mail address :   shenkin(at)
Date :   8/5/03
Name :   jesse boehnke
Comment:   there is a great need for what you do (free music for the masses). i only wish that i could be a part of it. alas, i live in Duluth, MN. anyway, keep up the good work. PS. you should sing some Matthaeus Pipelare.
E-mail address :   boeh0081(at)
Date :   July 24, 2003
Name :   Lissa Hattersley
Comment:   I'm so glad to see you are still together and performing in NYC! I was a member in the mid-to-late eighties. I sang second soprano (mostly) and have many fond memories. I still have the songbook! Moved to Texas in the early nineties (Austin). Wish I could visit NY and see a Sunday performance! Just maybe . . . Warm Texas Regards, Lissa
E-mail address :   lissah(at)
Date :   6/24/03
Name :   Ella Oblas
Comment:   I would love to join I sang with the Brooklyn College Chorus many years ago.
E-mail address :   OBLEL(at)
Date :   June 24 2003
Name :   Rosalie Harman
Comment:   I am interested in knowing when and where your next performance will be. I have a friend who would like to audition for your group. We both know Holly from the Brooklyn College Chorus and Gina from the People`s Voice Cafe and the Sunnyside Song Circle.
E-mail address :   Woojie Woo (at)
Date :   6/22/03
Name :   Sig Rosen
Comment:   Hope for drier times, will try to catch you on 6/22.
E-mail address :   hortensis(at)
Date :   May 27, 2003
Name :   John Hetland
Comment :   OK, but if a wedding party comes along on horses, what is it? -Reminds me, I have to get more rapping paper so no audient is left out.
E-mail address :   JHetland(at)
Date :   26 May
Name :   Jenny H
Comment :   It's a bridle path, not bridal. I enjoyed the photos of John & wrapped audience. Be well; write me; sing on.
E-mail address :   Athpar(at)
Date :   May 7th 2003
Name :   Kelowna
Comment :   Nice Site! Greetings from Kelowna - B.C.
E-mail address :   kelowna(at)
Date :   2 April 03
Name :   Holly
Comment :   Kudos to John on the fabuolous production of our newest recorded live CDs (especially the version with the cool cathedral sound enhancement)! And joyous gratitude to both Gina and John for the opportunity of making the recent documentary filming project a reality! We can only hope! -- Love always....
E-mail address :   compuhol(at)
Date :   March 17, 2003
Name :   Ruth Horowitz
Comment :   Just located you by googling my uncle Harold's name. I'm so delighted you carry on the tradition and have branched out your delivery to the streets! Oh, how I would love to join you and return to all that beautiful a capella sacred music, but I live here in the wilds of Nova Scotia and so must content myself with singing whatever music comes my way in the local county chorus (betimes some seriously grim hymns) - no match at all for that great music we sang in the Renaissance Chorus! I'll be thinking of you all and maybe one day will get down to hear you sing.
E-mail address :   ruth.horowitz(at)
Date :   March 4, 2003
Name :   Barbara
Comment :   Over at Plymouth where Ken has put me in front of the infernal machine. I'd rather do it by hand! Have a best of 3 disc for me Thurs? Much love.
E-mail address :   
Date :   03-04-2003
Name :   Ken Griffin
Comment :   Great Website - just checking in
E-mail address :   
Date :   2 March 2003
Name :   Virginia Hamilton
Comment :   I heard about you from a friend in NYC and hope to hear you live during a visit in March.
E-mail address :   vahamilton(at)
Date :   2/26/03
Name :   Embarrassed Senior Member
Comment :   More like mortified, but thank you Jenny! I miss you. Can't actually type anymore ever so after this will get your real address from John.
E-mail address :   
Date :   22 February 2003
Name :   Henry and Peg LEE
Comment :   WE JUST GOOGLED YOU.....
E-mail address :   AHHETLAND(at)AOL.COM
Date :   16 Feb
Name :   Jenny again
Comment :   I meant to say Silver anniversary. I dont know the date, just the month (Gospel according to John). God bless you.
E-mail address :   
Date :   11 Feb
Name :   Jenny H
Comment :   Congratulations to Charter Member(? anyway senior singer) Eileen on the anniv of her debut! There, are you totally embarrassed? Love you. Write to me!
E-mail address :   Athpar(at)
Date :   1/17/03
Name :   Dan Kirchoff
Comment :   Have been hearing a lot about you guys from one of our members, in touch with John. I'm part of a singing group called Ave Maris Stella based in the Camden area in Maine, that's right Maine. We're just starting to perform and getting some very nice response.
E-mail address :   doodles(at)
Date :   Sunday 5 Jan
Name :   Jenny H
Comment :   Epiphany greetings--Sing O Magnum Mysterium amazing snowscape here: its white--all white--on every hand!
E-mail address :   Athpar(at)
Date :   25 November 2002
Name :   Mark S. Answine
Comment :   Accustomed to the sounds of club music in Greenwich Village, I couldn't imagine where the celestial sounds were coming from this past Sunday. I walked toward your concert -- and stopped for a long while -- to listen to the wonderful music you so professional
E-mail address :   answine(at)
Date :   November 19, 2002
Name :   gina
Comment :   Hi John, Thanks for the memo about the meteor showers; alas, not one meteor was visible in JC, I enjoyed looking at all the photos again. Missed you Sunday because of performance with Shoshana, will be there Thurs. Love, Gina
E-mail address :   grt(at)
Date :   6 Nov '02
Name :   Jenny Holan
Comment :   Hi! Trying out my first home computer & new ISP--note new address. Fond regards.
E-mail address :   Athpar(at)
Date :   October 20
Name :   Laurie Sucher
Comment :   Hi, John!!! I just thought of searching for "The Renaissance Chorus of New York" --just to see what was there, and your group came up! Congratulations on doing this. Your song list is immensely appealing. I wish I could have been there today to hear you, but of course I live in Chicago! Where I have searched in vain for a group anything like this one. I was interested to read what you said about the beginnings... because of course I remember them well myself. Which is what prompted me to search for The Renaissance Chorus. I just sang "Mille Regrets" with my three sons, who are now aged 21, 21 and 16, and one of their girlfriends. It sounded great! Thanks for the inspiration! Love, Laurie
E-mail address :   lsucher(at)
Date :   August 27, 2002
Name :   Ed and Sheila Nielsen
Comment :   We hope to see Diana VanLancker Sidtis in one of the singing group pictures. She is my cousin and I know how much she has always loved to sing. This group seems like just the kind of musical form she would so completely enjoy.
E-mail address :   sheilak1(at)
Date :   August 16, 2002
Name :   Leslie
Comment :   To all my dear friends, Many Thanks for my 2 phone concerts during my hospitalization - definitely uplifting! See you soon.
E-mail address :   lschwarz(at)
Date :   Sat. 7/20/02
Name :   Holly
Comment :   Hi John & everyone, Having a wonderful respite with Joe & our friends in our home-away-from-home on the Vineyard. Missing you guys, I've been indulging my singing fix in karaoke bars & crooning folk music accompanied by Joe on 12-string acoustic guitar & some amazingly decent vocal harmonies! Nature abounds here in all her wonderful glory, & the outdoor shower & hammock at the house are superb! Will see you soon w/ some goodies to share, as always! Love, Holly ;)
E-mail address :   compuhol(at)
Date :   4/27/02
Name :   Holly
Comment :   Bravo on the long-awaited addition of SOUND CLIPS on our site! Wonderful (if I might be so modest!) Love to all...
E-mail address :   compuhol(at)
Date :   April 23, 2002
Name :   Noel Garingan
Comment :   I really enjoyed your concert at the village last Sunday. Please keep me in the list if you are having an indoor or an event concert. Thanks again
E-mail address :   noelsnews(at)
Date :   4/16/02
Name :   Holly
Comment :   Thanks & love to you, dearest John (& Ben & Ron) & all the Streetsingers, for the great thrilling treat of those wonderful surprise birthday songs sung so beautifully last week! Thanks also for sharing my cake! ;)
E-mail address :   compuhol(at)
Date :   March 16, 2002
Name :   Sandy Goodman
Comment :   So nice to see you! Love to all!
E-mail address :   SandyVoice(at)
Date :   3/14/02
Name :   Cheryl
Comment :   Hi Guys! Hope all is well with everyone. I'm still packing for Ireland, but will see you in a few weeks. Love to all.
E-mail address :   cheryl(at)
Date :   March 15, 2002
Name :   Nancy Morris
Comment :   My friend Diana told me about this site and recently sang with you.
E-mail address :   Nancy71(at)
Date :   3/4/02
Name :   Elizabeth
Comment :   Bravo!!! The loft concert was lovely, uplifting, wonderful! Looking at the pictures makes me want to return, but alas, you guys stay up too late!! on Thursdays.
E-mail address :   lizaduff(at)
Date :   24 Feb 2002
Name :   Pauline Hetland Walker
Comment :   Dear John and RSS, Wish I could be with you for this Loft Concert. Happy singing! Love, Sis in Brunei
E-mail address :   
Date : January 26, 2002
Name : Diana Vanlancker-Sidtis
Comment : We'll see you at your Battery Park concert tomorrow.
E-mail address : drv1(at)
Date : 1/24/02
Name : Constantine Coutroulos
Comment : It's about time I visited. Nice to see all the pictures, especially the one with me in it. See you at the loft concert!
E-mail address : ccoutroulos(at)
Date : Jan 22, 2002
Name : Rebekah Pym
Comment : Dearest StreetSingers, What a wonderful surprise to be sung to over the telephone! Thank you SO much - it meant such a lot to me. You sounded GREAT too. Thank you, thank you and much love, Rebekah
E-mail address : pym_3(at)
Date : 10 Janvier 2002
Name : Jean-Yves
Comment : It's a pleasure to take a look at this site again - had never read the FQ&A. Happy new year to all. Bonne ann�e 2002!
E-mail address : superpanda(at)
Date : Jan 9
Name : Bill Greer
Comment : Hi John...
E-mail address :
Date : December 22, 2001
Name : Carolyn
Comment : Happened upon your group caroling in the Village this evening. Thank you for adding spontaneous beauty and joy to my Christmas season!
E-mail address : caropurcell(at)
Date : November 16, 2001
Name : Jeannette
Comment : Salut Y'all - Homed in on you on Jean-Yves'pc. Thrilled with your website, in particular great pics!Super time here, but still miss you all & wish I were with you.
E-mail address :
Date : 11/13/01
Name : Chris Baudat
Comment : to continue: a very smelly VW Van. "Urbs Bei A Te" was as far as he got with us. Sigh... Chris B., John B., James R.
E-mail address : cbaudat(at)
Date : 11/13/01
Name : Chris B.
Comment : Hi John and Renaissance Street Singers! I was wondering whatever happened to Joel Meltz (AKA "The Fan Man") after he left Victoria, BC, Canada? He, his girl, Karen, and 13 very odd cats ended up living with us there in '77 after driving X-country in a ver
E-mail address : cbaudat(at)
Date : November 12, 2001
Name : Jessica
Comment : Looking forward to hearing you this holiday season. Beautiful pictures. Didn't know there were tapes, John. Am most interested. Info please. Thanks. P.S. Special "hi" to Gina & Bruce
E-mail address : J_Feinbloom(at)
Date : 10 Nov '01 (what, it's not automatic?)
Name : Jenny
Comment : I like the FAQ. Photos: Wow, the Union Sq group looks huge!... Is it possible to scan & include my Ft Tryon picture?
E-mail address : Athpar(at)
Date : 10-30-01
Name : gina
Comment : Hi John, I enjoyed the photo trip down memory lane, when can we sing on Commerce St again? Hope all is well, see you Thursday, Love, Gina
E-mail address : grt(at)
Date : 5 October 2001
Name : Heather Devine
Comment : Hello, I hope all of you are well and safe. I plan to be in New York in November, and hope to come along to rehearsal on Thursday 15th November, if possible. Look forward to seeing you all then.
E-mail address : heatherdevine100(at)
Date : 091101
Name : Dan Mohr
Comment : Hey streetsingers... here's hoping you all are safe and well in light of today's tragedy. all i can think of is singing with you at the world trade center last summer. I'm glad, for once, that I am in New Orleans... -dan
E-mail address : danmohr(at)
Date : 08/02/01
Name : Robert
Comment : Sorry I can't offer any comment regarding my enjoyment of your music ('cos I've never seen your group in its entirety), nor do I have any familiarity with Renaissance Music), but I CAN say ~ that ONE of your members is the most adorable woman that I have ever met!
E-mail address : rmonaco(at)
Date : August 2, 2001
Name : Richard St. Clair
Comment : I had a similar experience to John Hetland, singing in a small renaissance choir led by Joel Meltz. This was in the late 1970s in Boston. At that time Joel was going by the surname "Ockeghem." At the time, Meltz was raving about Richard Taruskin's renaiss
E-mail address : stclair(at)
Date : Tues, 7/31/01
Name : Holly
Comment : Love to all from the charming cozy island of Martha's Vineyard! Miss y'all lots but will share some indigenous libations & other fare when I'm back on 8/9. Actually brought my music w/me ... am I homesick or what? See ya soon.
E-mail address : compuhol(at)
Date : 16 July 2001
Name : Heather Devine
Comment : Hello Renaissance Singers, Good to see things are going strong. I am organising for my choir, the Elyian Singers, to come on tour to NY in February 2002. I need some help: (1) which is the best church to do a concert in? (2) will you and your frie
E-mail address : heatherdevine100(at)
Date : July 14, 2001
Name : Eleanor of Acetone
Comment : Hey John, Thanks for making the tapes, I had no idea some of the pieces sounded so pretty...(DOH!). Love to all, Cheryl.
E-mail address :
Date : 10 July 2001
Name : Pauline Hetland Walker
Comment : Hey John! I followed your suggestion and logged on and am glad. Neat website! Fun photos. I love your FAQ and esp your answers.
E-mail address : youknowit
Date : 7/02/01
Name : Juan
Comment : I saw you in Union Sq. last Sunday. Wonderful!
E-mail address : editor(at)
Date : June 30, 2001
Name : Eileen
Comment : Will someone please explain what this means? : The most recent entry is shown first. To see even newer entries, click View Newest Entries
E-mail address : oh, you know.
Date : June 15, 2001
Name : Cheryl
Comment : Thank you all so much for singing my piece(s) last night. I have not been composing for far too long, and it gave me a little renewed energy to hear my stuff. Love to all, C.
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Date : 10 june '01
Name :
Comment : saw the group recently at Stuyvesant Park; what gorgeous sounds! & interesting FAQs page...with 28 yrs on the streets, any NY media coverage? please post!
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Date : 19 May 2001
Name : jenny h
Comment : How about posting one of those photos from 2001 loft concert? Oh, and my e-address has changed.
E-mail address : Athpar(at)
Date : Tuesday, April 24, 2001
Name : Holly
Comment : Thanx, Sofia, for so graciously hosting us all Sunday & showing off Fort Greene in grand style (what a view!). Sharing all our April birthdays was special for me. Extra thanx (also from Joe) for singing & playing your stuff & Joni's stuff so fabulously! ;
E-mail address : compuhol(at)
Date : 4-11-01
Name : Oh Hell. I sent just the date again!
Comment : John? Are you feeling alright?
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Date : 4-11-01
Name : esl
Comment :
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Date : 4/4/01
Name : Holly
Comment : [This guestbook is just CRYING OUT for an entry!] Boo-hoo!!! Nobody loves us! Not even after singing and cooking our hearts out last month for our annual festive standing-room-only Loft Concerts! Well, let it be known to all that they were indeed festive,
E-mail address : compuhol(at)
Date : 03/17/2001
Name : ken Griffin
Comment :
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Date : 2/27/01
Name : Amy Dopson
Comment : Hi!! My name is Amy Dopson! Thank you for providing this site! I would like to invite you to come by and visit my website, Unicorn Ventures, at Here you can find information on my Music, Our Band Faol Ba'n, Our Band Oc
E-mail address : Lady_Brendana(at)
Date : Feb 26 '01
Name : Whiny Sinuses
Comment : Well, this sucks! And, sorry for sending JUST the date by accident.
E-mail address : esl(at)
Date : Feb. 26 '01
Name :
Comment :
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Date : Feb 15, 2001
Name : Bill Greer
Comment : The red oriental carpet in the picture is tres elegant!
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Date : Feb 13, 2001
Name : John
Comment : I know. But complaining to Yahoo/Geocities is like complaining to the ocean. (sigh)
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Date : 2/12/01
Name : Jenny Holan
Comment : Yikes--The new guestbook is cutting people off in the manner of an old answering machine. Add this to your complaints.
E-mail address : jholan(at)
Date : 2/12/01
Name : Nancy Campbell Kane
Comment : Hey John! Just visited the website for the first time. Wow...what a trip down memory lane, especially the "old days". You may want a photo credit for the earliest pic, in Central Park, '74: Pat Petersen, I think (took that series in C.P.) So who's going t
E-mail address : kanecamp(at)
Date : February 4, 2001
Name : Stacey Kalkines
Comment : HI everyone! I never knew your group existed until I was just seeing if other family members or I were mentioned on the web. When I typed in George Kalkines the photo of your group popped up. I think he is my dad's cousin. I'll try to catch one of your performances!
E-mail address : gkalkine(at)
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