The Renaissance Street Singers' Loft Concert, 1997

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The following selections were performed at the annual Loft Concert given at John’s home March 9, 1997.

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Ave Regina caelorum - Nicolas Gombert (S. Netherlands; c.1495-c.1560)
Vox in Rama - Jacobus Clemens non Papa (S. Netherlands; c.1512-c.1555)
Alma Redemptoris mater - Guillaume Du Fay (French; c.1397-1474)
O vos omnes - Tomás Luis de Victoria (Spanish; 1548-1611)
Four Psalm settings - Claude Goudimel (French; c.1517-1572)
Ave rosa sine spinis - Ludwig Senfl (Swiss, in Germany; c.1490-1543)
Salve Regina - Robert Fayrfax (English; 1464-1521)
Gaudeamus omnes - Philippe Verdelot (French; c/1492-c/1532)
O vos omnes - Carlo Gesualdo (Italian; Italian; c.1561-1613)
Clamabat autem mulier -
I'vo piangendo - Gioseffo Zarlino (Italian; 1517-1590)
Magnificat secundi toni - Duarte Lobo (ortuguese; c.1565-1646)
Salve Regina - Francisco Guerrero
Intemerata Dei mater - Jean do Ockeghem (c.1410-1497)
And you, my beloved; Your hair (encore, from Song of Songs) - John Hetland