The Renaissance Street Singers' 47th-Anniversary Loft Concert, 2020

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The following selections were performed at the annual Loft Concert given at John’s home February 23 and March 1, 2020.

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Videos of the live webcasts of both concerts, including the open singing afterward, can be seen on our Home page.

O admirabile commercium - Loyset Compère (French; c.1445-1518)
ALMA REDEMPTORIS MATER - Jean Lhéritier (French; c.1480-c.1552)
Nuptiae factae sunt - Barra Hotinet (French; fl.1510-23)
Quis dabit oculis - Costanzo Festa (Italian; c.1488-1545)
AVE REGINA CAELORUM - Guillaume Du Fay (French; c.1397-1474)
Pater Abraham - Hubert Waelrant (Flemish; c.1517-1595)
Ave maris stella - Josquin des Prez? (French; c.1452-1521)
REGINA CAELI LAETARE - Costanzo Festa (Italian; c.1488-1545)
Derelinquat impius - Thomas Tallis (English; c.1505-1585)
O sacrum convivium - Giaches de Wert (Flemish, in Italy; 1535-1596)
SALVE REGINA - Orlande de Lassus (Franco-Flemish; c.1532-1594)
Laudes Christo Redemptori - Jacob Obrecht (S. Netherlands; c.1458-1505)
SALVE REGINA - (encore) - John Hetland (2019)