Pictures of Sol Weber
in Martha Davey's Facebook Page
from Buckley HealthCare Center in Greenfield, MA

Sol in his hoist. He says he is taking applications for the Mile High Club.

Sol smiles when he is hoisted!

Sol will be leading a joke session in the fourth floor dining hall.
It was supposed to be this morning but the second floor crowd got wind of it
and wanted to be there as well so it was postponed until Saturday.

Haircut accomplished. T-shirt says: HARVARD.
Now that I have your attention, I went to C.C.N.Y.

Clearwater festival, June, 2007. Sol Roundman Weber, Evy Mayer and Pete Seeger.

Sol and I wish everyone a happy Red Nose Day!

Sol's newest tshirt. He thinks the Donald should see it.
Except he won't admit to believing in evolution.

Sol seems to be back to his (new) old self.
He is busy working on learning the words to a wedding toast song
he wants to sing to one of the aides who recently got married.