The Renaissance Street Singers’ Loft Concert, 2004

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The following selections were performed at the annual Loft Concert given at John’s home February 29 and March 7, 2004.

Click any title to hear it performed. Average download is about 4 megabytes.

Asperges me - Manuel cardoso
Ave Maria - Josquin Desprez
KYRIE from Missa Fortuna desperata - Jacob Obrecht
Da Jakob nu das Kleid ansah - Cosmas Alder
Beata Dei Genitrix - Jean Lheritier or Jean Conseil
O vos omnes - Carol Gesualdo
Ave Regina coelorum - Walter Frye
GLORIA from Missa L’homme armé - Guillaume Dufay
Laudate pueri Dominum - William Byrd
CREDO from Missa Fors seulement - Nicolas Gombert or Jheronimus Vinders
Agnus Dei - Thomas Morley
SANCTUS from Missa Au travail suis - Johannes Ockeghem
Ave nobilissima creatura - Josquin Desprez
AGNUS DEI fro Missa L’homme armé - Matthaeus Pipelare
(Encore) What the forest teaches - Ron Zamir