The Renaissance Street Singers - sketch by a passerby, Karl Sobel, Nov. 9, 1980
Gerry, Gina, Jeannette, Liz, John, Mitchell, Julie, Rick, Jeanne.
Sketch by Karl Sobel, Nov. 9, 1980

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Sunday performances usually present the music listed here, as much as time permits, each performance beginning where the previous left off. The next concert, July 21, begins with 56M.

The list as of July 11, 2019:
 11M Corde et animo
Jean Mouton (French; c.1459-1522)
 24G Tota pulchra es
Orlande de Lassus (Franco-Flemish; c.1532-1594)
* 25F Ave Regina caelorum
Guillaume Du Fay (French; c.1397-1474)
 29G Omnes gentes plaudite manibus
Ludwig Senfl (Swiss in Germany; c.1490-1543)
 41G Salve Regina
Orlande de Lassus (Franco-Flemish; c.1532-1594)
 51T Angelus ad pastores
Costanzo Festa (Italian; c.1488-1545)
 56M Derelinquat impius
Thomas Tallis (English;c.1505-1585)
 89G O admirabile commercium
Loyset Compère (French; c.1445-1518)
 115T Rorate coeli
Henricus Isaac (S. Netherlands; c.1452-1517)
 116T Intonuit de celo
Andreas de Silva (Spanish? c.1478-c.1530)
 121T Ecce panis angelorum
Antoine Bruhier (French; d. after 1521)
 129M Ego vero afflictus
Hans Leo Hassler (German; 1564-1612)
 134F Laudes Christo Redemptori
Jacob Obrecht (South Netherlands; c.1458-1505)
 142T O clemens, O pia virgo
Jean Lhèritier (French; c.1480-c.1553)
 151T Beati omnes qui timent Dominum (i)
Ludwig Senfl (Swiss in Germany; c.1490-1543)
 154M Pater Abraham
Hubert Waelrant (Flemish; c.1517-1595)
 176M O admirabile commercium
Josquin des Prez (French; c.1452-1521)
 *  New to the list since June 27.