The Renaissance Street Singers - sketch by a passerby, Karl Sobel, Nov. 9, 1980
Gerry, Gina, Jeannette, Liz, John, Mitchell, Julie, Rick, Jeanne.
Sketch by Karl Sobel, Nov. 9, 1980

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Sunday performances currently present the music listed here, as much as time permits. Each performance usually begins where the previous left off. The next concert, July 8, begins with 8.

The list as of July 12, 2018:
 8 O magnum mysterium
Tomás Luis de Victoria (Spanish; 1548-1611)
 23 Adhaesit pavimento
William Mundy (English; c.1529-1591)
 26M Descendi in ortum meum
Josquin des Prez (French; c.1452-1521)
 28G Haleluyah Haleli
Salamone Rossi (Italian; 1570-c.1630)
 40Gj Missa "Gaudeamus" KYRIE
Josquin des Prez (French; c.1452-1521)
 42G Cantate Domino canticum novum
Giovanni Croce (Italian; c.1557-1609)
 54Gj Missa "Gaudeamus" GLORIA
Josquin des Prez (French; c.1452-1521)
 55M Beata Dei Genitrix
Jean Lhéritier (French; c.1480-c.1553)
 56 Celsi tonantis
Johannes Regis (Netherlands; c.1430-c.1485)
 89G O admirabile commercium
Loyset Compčre (French; c.1445-1518)
 98Gj Missa "Gaudeamus" CREDO
Josquin des Prez (French; c.1452-1521)
*137Gj Missa "Gaudeamus" SANCTUS
Josquin des Prez (French; c.1452-1521)
 151T Beati omnes qui timent Dominum (i)
Ludwig Senfl (Swiss in Germany; c.1490-1543)
 176M O admirabile commercium
Josquin des Prez (French; c.1452-1521)
 *  New to the list since July 4.
     Removed: 29M, 43T, 118G, 139T, 156G.